Pregnancy and MI: Pregnancy Makes Your What Hurt???


That is how I end most trips up the stairs, end getting up (or should I say rolling) out of bed, or simply realizing that there are 18 days to go before Baby Redhead is born. Again…


I have begun 4 or 5 blog posts in the past few months but found myself unable to finish. Between pregnancy-induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and general fatigue, I simply have run out of fuel mid-typing. Heck…I run out of fuel mid-anything these days. =)

But I have to be honest in that this painful, weak wrist issue has taken me off guard. Who knew that pregnancy edema could cause my writs to hurt like they do? I always thought that, when pregnant, I really only needed to be concerned with the lower half of me. Boy, was I wrong. I have lost potatoes and mushrooms to a garbage disposal when my hands and wrists simply released them for lack of ability to hold a grip and lost a lot of time in productivity because of the burning, painful inflammation that has settled below my phalanges. In fact, I am sitting in my kitchen at this very moment, typing this brief blog post while a sink-full of dishes eyes me from across the room. (I’ve chosen to use my small window of physical ability on typing rather than dish washing. Does anyone blame me?! =)

But alas…as in all the pregnancy symptoms I have experienced during the past 8 months, I know that this too will come to an end and am grateful that despite the moments where it has caused me great difficulty, nothing about this pregnancy has been nearly as difficult as it could have been.

I could have spent endless hours in physical pain from a back that never relaxed, on bed rest for a month for a baby who thought he wanted to make his debut early, or locked away in a dark room in a episode of depression or anxiety that I simply lacked the physical and emotional strength to kick to the curb. This is not to say I haven’t had difficult moments…I have been brought to tears over a painful back and experienced anxiety that is making me work hard to prepare for the hormonal drops I will have to deal with within moments of Baby Redhead taking his first breath. There are realities that I must prepare for, yet keep hope that my preparation never needs utilized.

But overall…I am a happy mama-to-be, and I am hoping you all are happy, too.




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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy and MI: Pregnancy Makes Your What Hurt???

  1. I’m so happy that everything is going well and you are able to be thankful and find the beauty in everything. We pray that everyone remains happy and healthy!!

  2. I don’t know that I’m finding the beauty in everything, but I have come a long way in the past two years. (Thank God!) Suffering from a negativity schema (that nagging, negative voice in one’s head that can’t let ANYTHING go) the way I do, I could have overlooked the miraculous conception of William’s life as “ruining” my school plans or the life my husband had worked so hard to accept. But with hard work, a great, very practical, and skilled therapist, I have learned to balance the acceptance of good and bad (a lot more often, anyway lol) so that one doesn’t taint the other. Hey! That’s another blog topic! Lol Now, if I can just manage these wrists for a typing session! Love to you all! Be safe!

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