Its National Psychotherapy Day! Now, What Did Your Id Just Say?

It is National Psychotherapy Day! Psychotherapy has helped me, even if you may not see the results! LOL It has helped me understand that I suffer from a biological illness that is no different from cancer, asthma, diabetes, or Alzheimer Disease. Psychotherapy has also helped me understand how the experiences of my life have taken my biological illness and developed it into a life altering, function thieving, relationship ruining charlatan who had fooled, lied, and cheated me out of the life I could have had. Yet, most importantly, psychotherapy has taught me that, with hard work and continued determination, I can transcend the symptoms of my illness, become a functioning member of society, develop strong, loving relationships, and develop for myself a new vision of the life ahead. Psychotherapy is not a magic wand that cures all ills, but is a process of enlightenment, acknowledgement, perseverance, and goal attainment. Will life ever be symptom free for me…unlikely. Will I learn to prevail over symptoms as they come, stealing away more and more of their energy each time I conquer…absolutely!

Now…just don’t hold me to this feeling of empowerment tomorrow. It could be an off day. =)


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