If You Love Them, Then LOVE Them


I cannot directly address the catalyst for this post because it involves other people. I can say that it isn’t about me, and I am fine.

I apologize to those who believe this post goes too far, but some people are just too selfish to be reached in any other way.

If you say you love someone, do whatever is necessary to keep them safe; otherwise, be prepared for what the future could hold.

When you find your loved one in a bathtub of crimson water, hours after they took their last life-sustaining breath, you are going to wish your personal discomfort with addressing your own issues had not kept your loved one from receiving the help they needed for their issues.

When you see your loved one’s shadow swinging upon the wall, you will regret not taking their 2:47am, phone call for the hundredth time.

When the stench of copper and graphite permeate the air of your loved one’s room, you are going to wish you had made time to take their pain and fear seriously.

When you find the vomit-covered body of your loved one after weeks of making no attempt to contact them, you are going to regret thinking that the logical thing to do was to allow time and space to grow between you.

Pain and anguish and anxiety and fear and suicide (purposeful and accidental) are all very real. Do not ignore them. They are powerful monsters that can take a life in the blink of an eye.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


3 thoughts on “If You Love Them, Then LOVE Them

  1. Great post. Wish you coudl put it on every front page of every newspaper. Just one thing is you’ve got a typo in the 2nd to last para. I think it should be making but you’ve king. I don’t mean to be picky. I just know I’d be annoyed if I hadn’t seen it on mine. Great writing! 🙂

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