Cate always helps to shine light on new ways to consider BPD through her writing.

Infinite Sadness... or hope?

A young woman goes from doctor to doctor asking for help.  She knows there is something terribly wrong but she has no understanding of what it is that makes her feel the way she does.  She desperately wants someone to love her, and is terrified that those around her will abandon her because she seems to have no way of reining in her emotions. 

The doctors eventually all tell her the same thing.  She has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  She is told they can do nothing for her.  It’s just the way things are and she will have to live with it.

She goes home and searches ‘BPD’ on her computer, desperate for an explanation to how she feels.  The words above leap off the screen.  ‘Manipulative’, ‘attention seeker’, ‘drama queen’, ‘child-like’, ‘mentally tormented’… and more.

 Some of it sounds like she feels.  Other words sound pretty cruel.  She feels hopeless.  She assumes…

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