I tried…sorta.

I don’t believe I have the vigor to write a paragraph tonight, so I thought I’d just share some thoughts linked simply by the fact that they are extreme from the influence of illness. It is a pretty crappy attempt. Poo.

*I feel guilty that I am not outwardly the person I am on the inside.*I have a million great ideas about organizing, cleaning, helping others, sending cards, baking cookies, exercising, visiting, volunteering, gardening, painting, sewing, learning to crochet, improving my vocabulary…and a room full of unutilized related objects to prove it!

*I crave the warmth of relationships but all too often find myself overwhelmed by them, therefore, withdrawing.

*I don’t pray for wealth or cures or a big house; I pray that the world is healthier and happier tomorrow.

*I can laugh from happiness and cry from sadness all in the same breath.

*I see God in the forest, rivers, skies, animals, leafs, and the smile of a loved one.

*I know that one person can change the world…and I try to do that…I just get confused when it requires that I leave the house. =)

*Sometimes, admitting I am wrong is a physical impossibility.

*I am 33 but feel like I am 16…just ask some of my favorite people who happen to be teens.

*I love big hair, lots of makeup, and playing in the mud.

*My heart is easily nicked, and I bleed profusely.

*I have run out of options but keep hope for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I tried…sorta.

    • Oh! I am so sorry that I missed your comment! I was just taking some time to go through each post to see what pictures had their url’s changed, making them disappear from my page, when I caught your comment.
      I agree…wave after wave, good and bad…

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