Hello World!

One of my doctor’s called me today asking for information on how to become a patient at the National Institute of Mental Health (part of the parent organization National Institutes of Health) in Bethesda, Maryland, where from January through May of this year, I had been a patient. This call is the result of an office appointment I had two days earlier where I caught the doctor up on all the fun happenings my Bipolar “friend” has introduced me to thus far this year.

Apparently, my doctor has a friend who has been in a local hospital for the last week where the friend was newly diagnosed as Bipolar. Although this friend is far from stabilized, the doctors at the hospital have decided she will soon be discharged. This woman, on the brink of psychosis (educate yourself…it doesn’t mean becoming a mass murderer!) is going to be sent home to take care of two special needs children, when she will not be able to care properly for herself. But there may be an option…!!!

Having discussed my recent trip to “Chalet NIH”  during my recent appointment with the good doctor, she thought of me and what help I might provide in helping her friend receive placement at the NIMH! I was overcome with joy (well…not really joy as I am trying to pull out of a depressive episode at the moment…but joy looks better than ok-ness) because by simply opening up and sharing my experience, I had perhaps made appropriate medical help accessible to someone who desperately needed it.

All I had to do was open my mouth. All I had to do was share.

How often do we have the chance to help someone by simply opening our mouths and sharing? How often do we fail to do so because we fear the stigma that surrounds the subject we want to share? I will certainly admit that there is a slight chance (100% chance) I will sorely regret this blog 20 times today (that is if anyone reads it!), as I will be embarrassed that someone reading it will define me as crazy, foolish, or just plain weird. But in a time where what I do, both physically and mentally, is excessively limited by my illness, the least I can do is sit in my favorite, cushy chair…oh…I meant my husband’s chair..and “cyberly” open my mouth.

What difference can we make today by opening our mouths and sharing?

Be Blessed!


9 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Kelley, I am thrilled that you have started this blog and applaud you for doing it. As you know, I too suffer from depression, which is a mental illness, and fully understand the feeling of regret and fear after doing or saying something. I can’t count the times I have replayed the day’s conversations or even conversations from years past and felt embarrassment over what I said or did. So I am happy to show you my support, because you are right. Talking about our condition just might help someone else to seek the care they require and that is a great feeling!

    • OMGosh!!! You are…unbelieveable! You are just the best, and I love you for it! Thanks for taking care of me…for the past few months and by commenting in support today!

      What scares me the most about the fact that people will not talk about mental illness for the true illness it is, is the idea that our children may not feel comfortable coming to us for the support they need. It breaks my heart to think of the children who come to the conclusion that life is easier to end than live…and all because no one took the time to aknowledge the pain they were in and felt helpless to do something about.

      I hope that one day we have a cure and in the mean time, we have acceptance and understanding.

  2. Kelley, You are amazing for speaking out. I have two dear friends that have somewhat gone through what you have been faced with. One took their life, and the other is fighting everyday. I emailed this blog to her today praying that it may encourage her too. It is important to get help, and if each person that reads this blog can understand it and help others, then they too may be able to save a life. You are a blessing to others whether they know it or not.

    • My Bridget!!! Thank you for your support! I counted on you when I was the new little girl on the bus, and I can count on you now! I hope all is well and happy down your way. All my love!!!

  3. This is a great thing that you have done! I am proud of you for stepping out and being a blessing to others via your experience!

  4. Kelley, being able to share your difficulties is hard and I admire your strength in doing so. You are such an amazing person and the fact that you are trying to overcome your illness is proof. I believe that you being able to talk about your illness will help others who are going through the same thing! Keep being strong and vocal! Love ya!

  5. Kelley… I am so excited that you started this page!!! You are such an inspiration and I am thrilled that you are sharing this with the rest of the world (well… the ones that have internet anyways). I miss you very much!!!! All my prayers are with you!

  6. Brave! You make me want to be as brave as you are! I know we have talked about all of this before but there is such a stigma around mental illness… geesh… somehow even typing that reads CRAZY to me…. but I will say it here too! I suffer from depression and anxiety and YOU have made it possible for me to even begin to talk about it!

    • Geeze Sara! I don’t know what I did…but I am so happy you feel better about talking about depression and anxiety. Being sick is being sick. Whatever the Dx, everyone who suffers from an illness of any kind is in this together.

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